Minecraft Blocks That Go Well Together

Minecraft Blocks That Go Well Together

Project Description

What blocks go well together minecraft - reddit, self minecraft submitted 3 years ago by alexgymnast i was thinking about what blocks would work well for a nether base and i thought it might be helpful to some to have suggestions for block combinations that look nice not just for the nether. Blocks that go well together - survival mode - minecraft, stone stone bricks doesn t look too good in my opinion actually but it s ok all wooden planks all wooden planks some may look weird but most others look pretty cool iron blocks quartz blocks furnaces cobblestone acacia logs redstone lamps acacia logs have to face upwards i have lots more but those are just some of em. Favorite block combinations minecraft - reddit, dark oak logs and the gray blocks tend to work really well together better than any other kind of logs also dark oak logs and spruce planks look nice together lapis can look really nice with stone stone bricks if done right such as using lapis as a roof on a mostly stone building alternatively cyan wool looks nice and is a lot easier to get.

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